Our Last Days in the United States

We loaded the car on Saturday, July 23. Packed full to the hilt,

 with a topper and “fanny pack”.


We left Colorado Springs, Sunday morning, July 24.

Spent Sunday night in Childress, TX at 106 degrees. HOTTER THAN WE’VE EVER FELT IN OUR LIVES IN THE U.S. [Mike’s been hotter in Saudi Arabia]!!!

 Monday afternoon, we arrived at Mother’s in Mesquite, TX. We all went to El Fenix


  for Kay’s favorite Tex-Mex with her sister, Judy and her husband, Mark Cline.

Tuesday, July 26. Lunch at Spring Creek Bar-B-Q with our BFFs, Steve and Alice Palstring.


 Thursday morning and we’ve packed the “fanny pack” again on the car and leave mother’s about 7:00 AM. Heading South on 635, Mike stops in DeSoto for gas while Kay walks over to Mickey D’s for breakfast. Then we continue on 635 until we turn South at I-35E toward Waco. Kay waves at her hometown, Ferris, as we pass I-45.

Pretty much uneventful drive through the hill country. We watch the temperature on the outside thermometer rise the further south we go. It still looks cool compared to the 106 we felt in Childress.

We stop in San Antonio at the Red Lobster for lunch with the temps at 104. I notice there is a Michael’s Store just a ½ block away, but Mike won’t go that direction. L Oh, well, we don’t have any more room in the car anyway.

Kay gets a note from son Lloyd to just turn east for 3 hours and come live with them. She lets him know that Ajijic is having an 85 degree day and he can hop on Southwest and come live with us.

Everything looks so dry, but we don’t see any of the fire damage.

We continue Southward.

Our retirement in Mexico…  [to be continued]


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