Last Sleep in the United States of America

Now we’ve arrived in Laredo at the Motel 6 at 5:00.
Mike stops at the Motel 6.
Looks a bit seedy. He’s coming back out.
Whew, it’s the wrong one.
Head down I-35 about 6 more blocks and stop again. This one looks nicer. It’s the right one.
It is 105 degrees. UGH. I was not hot until I had to unload the car.
So here we sit in room 105 (was that a bad joke?)

waiting until after 7 PM to go across the parking to eat at the Kettle Pancake House.

 Turns out to be really cute. Tiny room. Looks like it was designed by someone from the set of “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Everything is tiny and compact and very “modern looking.”

Imbedded TV. Lots of thefts here ya think?

Tiny "space ship" shower

After we eat: shower, a little TV and then to sleep early. Amazing how tiring just riding in a car can be … especially when the only space is in front of you, not behind you (and part of that is taken up by your knitting bag and stuff). Feels cramped.
Arising early tomorrow morning, (Thursday, July 28) to cross the border into Mexico and head to Matahuala for our next night’s sleep.
Retirement in Mexico …
[to be continued]

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