Evening in Matehuala

Thursday, July 28, Evening

Around 4:30 we pull in to the Las Palmas Midway Inn in Matehuala [mah’-tay-HWAH’-la] for the night.

What a nice place. We get the feeling we’ve stepped back in time to about 1960.

We almost expect to see The Beaver or Ozzie and Harriet.

After Mike checks in (995 pesos = $88 USD including tax) we are directed around to the right to room 103 (this time NOT reflecting the outside temperature). Mike thought this was a little expensive for middle Mexico, but considering how safe we felt here, it was well worth the price. We were treated like royalty.

We drive around the back and wind through the little streets between the bungalows until we arrive at 103 (NOT the temperature this time).

There is a nice man waiting for us who has already unlocked our room, turned on the TV and helps unload our luggage. He would have completely taken the “fanny pack” off of the car if Mike hadn’t stopped him.

We have our own carport for just our bungalow.

Our bungalow is 2 rooms + the bathroom.

A living room with sofa beds and a refrigerator.

After we changed clothes, we walked over to the Las Palmas Restaurant for dinner. Another “step back in time.”

You almost expect to see women in stilettos and seamed stockings sitting around. The waiters all have their blue waistcoats, the bussers in their red waistcoats. The Head Waiter held the door, greeted us, took us to a table by the window and he actually held Kay’s chair for her.

We had guacamole and margaritas for starters.

Kay had shrimp enchiladas and Mike had chicken fajitas (note the roasted serranos on the left. Mike figured out quickly they were NOT jalapeno.)

Kay also quickly discovered that the dark red sauce on top was probably habanero. HOT HOT HOT. Mooooved it off to the side.

For dessert Mike had phlegm…er … flan, and Kay had the Las Palmas dessert: homemade ice cream, peaches, an interesting kind of cheese topping with pecans and cookie wafers, with a chocolate sauce. Oh my!

After dinner we looked around at the advertised golf course (actually mini-golf),

pool, bike path and the RV park.

After our tour, there were showers, a little TV and off to bed.

More about Matehuala and Beyond tomorrow.

Mike and Kay’s retirement to be continued …


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