Movin’ on Down the Road … Thursday afternoon…


Thursday, July 28, 2011

In the hustle bustle and scurry to get on the road, the taco dinner we bought at the Nuevo Laredo Port of Entry apparently gets tipped a few times. Now we have beans in the rice, rice in the taco, taco in the beans, beans on the napkins and beans in the bottom of the bag. To say the least “we spilled the beans”.

Kay gingerly eats her beaned taco while Mike drives (and mutters to himself). A “street taco” never tasted so good and we are thankful every day for Satellite/XM radio.

At mile 20, is the final red/green light inspection checkpoint.

Here C
ustoms and Immigration officers may check your vehicle permit and other documents and the goods you are bringing in. Long line … finally our turn. Mike is ready with the manifest. The customs officer doesn’t take more than a glance at it through the window and says “Andele!” and waves us through. Whew! Pleasantly surprised. We expected to have had to unload the car for them to look at what we had, in spite of Kay labeling each clear box with the contents in Spanish.

That was at least an hour made up. Guess we don’t look like smugglers to him.   So we continue our trek.

So far, every agent has been more than helpful and very nice, in spite of all the confusion. You know, “americanos estúpidos.”  They pitied us.

OK. By now Mike is VERY hungry. So, he pulls over and Kay takes over the driving while Mike gets to eat. And off we go, heading down the cuota (toll road) toward Monterrey.  A little explanation regarding las cuotas in Mexico. Some are VERY nice, modern, divided. multiple lanes and WIDE.

After awhile we find ourselves driving through the desert plains. We feel like we’ve stepped onto the set of “Rango”. We are driving through forests of desert palms. Kinda cool and creepy all at the same time. They really do look like little old people.

About 4:30 we drive in to Matehuala [mah’-tay-HWAH’-la], a town of about 75,000 hente, and look for Las Palmas Midway Inn

But that’s for the next post.

Mike and Kay’s retirement, to be continued….


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