Dinner at Yves’

Later Friday evening, July 29, 2011

After leaving La Nueva Posada in great disappointment, we drove a few blocks west to the Ajijic malecon pier and stopped into Yves for dinner and our much desired margarita.

We met Yves and his wife, Nettie, last year while we were in Ajijic on vacation. Mike’s sister, Bettye, knew them when she lived here about 15 years ago.

We were very glad to arrive after finding a parking place near the busy malecon. Friday night in Ajijic was hopping. Just as we arrive, Yves is walking out of his restaurant. We speak and he personally makes sure we have one of the best tables … right on the rail with a clear view of Lake Chapala. After our experience at La Nueva Posada, we felt blessed. He hailed his best waiter and made sure we had everything we wanted. Yves is a very hospitable man.

Crane caught a fish

After ordering our much needed margaritas, we set out looking at the menu, which had changed a bit since last year. We ordered the guacamole for starters. After receiving our HUGE mound of silky guacamole, Mike ordered the Azteca Tortilla Soup and I ordered the nachos con pollo.

Now sitting back to relax, we viewed the scenery around us.

One of the first things we noticed was that Vino Blanca was there … and painted with purple for some reason.

Vino Blanca

Vino Blanca is pretty much the town pet. She has been featured on the internet and the man we knew as her owner, Poncho, was sitting in all his oddness at the table just behind Mike. He would charge $50 pesos for a 30 minute ride in her cart.

Vino Blanca 8/2010

Yves tells us later that Poncho could no longer take care of Vino Blanca and was looking for a new owner.

Pablo Loco, 8/2010

He was thinking of sending her to a farmer for $200 pesos, but ended up selling her to Yves for $1 peso, so now she lives right on the lakeside, eating “taco salad” and getting fat and lots of attention.

Yves told us that at first she wasn’t tethered and would pretty much just stay right around there, but one evening she wandered into a busy street and was hit by a car … thus the “ginger and violet” purple on her injuries. Thankfully her injuries were no more than a few scratches and bruises.

Our dinner arrives and we relish our delicious meal. In spite of the fact that Kay’s Nachos con Pollo had no pollo.

As the sun sets on the lake we realize just how tired we are and leave to head to our new home.

After arriving at #19, we drag our suitcases inside and up the stairs to the master bedroom.

Sunset from the Mirador

Kay hurries up another flight of stairs to the mirador to catch our first sunset in our new home.

Then we both crash, exhausted, in the wonderful king-size bed.

And tomorrow begins our first day as residents of San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco, Mexico.

Mike and Kay’s retirement

to be continued.


2 thoughts on “Dinner at Yves’

  1. I am tickled to death, reading your beautiful story, it brings back so much memories. My husband and I moved to Ajijic in 1990, and stayed 2 years. Him being a “electronics nerd”, this was not for him. Meanwhile I was in love with the place, and had made quite a few friends. We had met people, you only read in the newspaper about. So I would visit my friends once or twice a year, and I asked my Husband to buy a small house. So in 1999 we bought a house in upper Ajijic, Emiliano Zapata, for a vacation home. About 2 or 3 times a year, I would spent about 6 weeks there, and had a wonderful time with my friends. We always drove the same route, also through Matehuala, and stayed in Las Palmas Inn. The service, like you said, was excellent. I think we paid about $ 68 per night then. We also went to Real de Catorce, through the tunnel.
    I was a knitter already in Ajijic, learned to knit when I was 6 years old, in school in Germany. Have you ever been in Chapala in the yarnshops? They had then a real nice one on some street corner with a D… It has been a long time, so I can not remember the street names too well. We sold the house in 2005, after we were robbed twice. But that is another story.
    I would love to hear from you. We live in Beeville TX, and we are Maria and Jeff

    • We will be leaving in July of this year to go back home to Colorado. I am ver conflicted about leaving. We feel so connected here. More so than anywhere we’ve lived in the USA.

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