Meeting our New Home

Friday evening, July 29, 2011

……..after about 15 minutes of waiting, Mike calls the realtor Mark Eager.

Ring, ring, ring! ….. “Bueno!”

Aha! We’ve made contact. He’s still at the house making inventory and will be right here. In about 5 minutes he shows up with a huge smile on his face. I actually think he’s relieved to rent this house for a year.

After introductions we follow him down a little road next to WalMart. And when I say down, I mean





We are wondering, just where is he taking us … into a ditch?

A little turn to the right and we level out on to Libertad, a cobblestone street, past a cornfield into the little village of San Antonio Tlayacapan [tlah yah CAH pahn].

We squeeze through the street, because it’s barely wide enough for 2 cars and there are cars parked on both sides in various places. Our Venza is by no means the largest vehicle on this street.

Next we turn another right at a dead end facing a cocina integral y carpentary talle (kitchen and carpenter workshop) onto Calle Ramon Corona. Just a half block later we see the entrance to Los Lirios… The electric gate opens and in we go past the gardener/ gatekeeper’s home!

We drive down more cobblestones with beautiful purple flowers vining down the security wall.

We turn left onto the first interior lane of the neighborhood and see our new home at the end on the right.

As we pull pull up we recognize #19 from the pictures Mark had sent us many months ago.

As soon as we get in Mark shows us the house, tells us how everything works. The man talks about 90 miles an hour. His brain obviously working faster than his tongue.

Then Mark calls out to Rogelio [ro HALE e o]  the gardener/ gatekeeper to come help us unload the car. Between Mark, Mike, Rogelio and myself we had the car unloaded in less than 20 minutes with everything dumped into the living-room and the fanny pack removed.

Mike had made reservations at La Nueva Posada for 3 nights, so after receiving our keys …… off we went over to the Inn to check in, eat dinner on the terrace and do battle with “Poncho Villa, the toast snatcher.”

Some of you may remember “Poncho Villa and his gang” from my Facebook post while vacation last summer, when he (a sparrow) hopped onto our breakfast table on the terrace and took Mike’s buttered toast off his plate!

However …. there’s no reservation. Mike shows the clerk an email from La Posada with the correct dates on it. The clerk took it to the reservation manager (looked like a kid in his late teens, turns out he’s Mickey, the owner’s son). The reservation Mike thought he’d made apparently hadn’t gone through all the steps needed and they had made no confirmation, the email he got wasn’t the confirmation email, just a step in the process. AND, there was no room in the Inn.  Now we’re really bummed out. They offer to call another B&B to see if they have a room, but we already had the house so we decided we’d just stay there.

We decided to go to “Yves” restaurant on the lake and have dinner there to get the taste of the long day out of our mouths with a good margarita and dinner on the lake. Yves did not disappoint.

And that’s the next chapter installment of ……

Mike and Kay’s retirement

to be continued …


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