The Last Leg of the Last Leg

Friday Aftenoon, July 29, 2011

Guadalajara to Ajijic and San Antonio Tlayacapan

As we near Guadalajara from the East the temps begin to rise again, but only slightly, and the landscape levels out only a bit. There are still many hills and mountains in the area.

Traffic increases as we come into the city.

Now we must watch for the first of many signs leading us to Lake Chapala.

Dodging the numerous “wild and crazy” drivers … also known as aquellos que no tienen miedo   [those who have no fear] … we pick our way through the multiple lanes of traffic, trying to keep up with the ever-changing signs and lanes. You’ll see “Chapala-Colima”, then “Colima- El Salto”, then “El Salto-Chapala” … and they all seem to be moving into different lanes at different times. Many we see at the last minute, covered by a tree branch or graffiti. We know these are in the “generally correct” direction, but still not the same place. Now the sign says Chapala-Colima, but with arrows in different directions.

Ay! Tan confuso!  This IS still Calz. Lazaro Cardenas, is it not?

Ah. We now see signs for “Chapala-Aeropuerto” and we know we’ve found the right part of the highway. Soon we take the tight one-lane-but-used-as-two curve around to the overpass that takes us to the Carretera a Chapala / Av. Solidaridad Iberoamenicana southward to al Aeropuerto a Chapala. 

Kay emails our realtor, Mark Eager, that we are on the south side of Guadalajara and should be at the Ajijic Walmart around 4:40 PM.

We see signs for Tlaquepaque and the Soriana Super where we turn off to go to church at the Tlaquepaque Iglesia de Christo. Excited to see them in 2 days.

Traffic lessens again only a little as we move south past the airport. It’s about 4:00 and we see many knots of people crowded along the freeway waiting for the bus to take them home from work.

As we begin to leave the city, the landscape again becomes somewhat pastoral. This is now familiar territory and we sense we are almost there.

We see the sign for Chapala and the last retourno back to Guadalajara.

The next signs welcome us to Lake Chapala.

Then … Ole! … we see our turnoff for Ajijic. Only about 15-20 minutes now.

As we wind through this road, our excitement increases.

Soon we make the final left-hand curve and we see it. The carretera Chapala-Ajijic and Mike’s favorite spot in all the world ……….. WALMART!!

We pull into the parking lot and wait — Mark should be here any minute ……………..

Mike & Kay’s retirement to be continued …


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