Setting up Our New Home

Saturday, July 30, 2011

After our much needed sleep, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise.

Not having any food in the house, we opted to go to Donas Donuts on the carreterra (main road through town). Donas is the Spanish word for Donuts, it’s not the owner’s name. We learned when we were here last year that this is the place the gringos go to “solve the worlds problems.” Most Saturday mornings it is packed, but this morning we got there before the crowd arrived. I was so hungry I got 2 glazed donuts and a cappuccino mocha grande and Mike had 2 cake donuts and a café Americano.  AFTER we sat down we discovered they serve a full el desayuno (breakfast). Oh well, next time.

We enjoyed our donas and took leave to go to Walmart for food supplies. While navigating the Walmart (very interesting how they “order” things), Mike pleasantly discovered that you can buy booze here. All kinds of wine and liquors. Then we find the ATM and stumble through to get pesos to pay for our purchases.

Back home, we decided to “tackle” setting up the house to feel more like home.  The following are pictures of our home after a couple of weeks. We added our own touches and moved some furniture around, but it is basically the way we found it when we arrived. Mark Eager, the owner, had added many beautiful touches since sending us the pictures many months ago.

In the Living Room

LR / DR / Kitchen, very open plan.


The guest bedroom is on the main floor. This is where all our friends who come to visit will rest.


Master Suite includes office, W/I Closet and Full Bathroom

TV/Reading Corner

We moved our computer into the office and quickly set it up so we could contact our families. We moved the owner’s 32″ TV upstairs to the bedroom and set up our larger HDTV in the living room. We can watch the TV from the love seat and still have so much room to move around. Very nice shelves contain lovely vases and artifacts.


The doors open to a small balcony that overlooks the privada (private street) entrance. The room is very spacious and one of the 1st things we noticed is that the ceiling fan is exactly like the ceiling fan we had in our house in Colorado Springs.

The hallway landing contains a large linen closet which holds extra towels, bedding and now houses our luggage.

Just past the linen closet on the other side of the landing into the bedroom that Mike’s sister, Bettye, will use when she arrives in September. Here we have another spacious room with a queen size bed, overstuffed chair, armoire, walk-in closet, private bathroom and a little private mirador. The large windows overlook the common area where the swimming pool, cabana and outside kitchen are.

Kay loves the headboard of carved lilies and the matching armoire. It makes this room look so comfortable and inviting. I’m sure Bettye will be quite at home in this room.

Now back out to the landing and up the final stairs to the mirador. This has become one of our favorite places. We can see the mountains to the north and a bit of the lake to the south. We can watch futbol games on the futbol field next door.

Looking east

Looking Southwest toward the lake

We were very comfortable very quickly in this beautiful home. And we just had to take a picture of our first home-cooked meal … eaten on the terrace.

Tomorrow we go to church in Tlaquepaque at Jose Rodarte’s home. We look forward to seeing Jose, Sophia, Trevor and Nellie. Mike is hoping Nellie will at least look at him this year.

 We’re bringing presents.

That should help some.

 So, until next time…Mike and Kay’s retirement continues…………………………


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