Rodartes visit Lakeside

August 17, 2011

Each Sunday we head out about 9 AM northward toward Tlaquepaque to worship with the church of Christ in Tlaquepaque.

Because of the August rainy season, the church is meeting in the home of Jose Rodarte, their minister and missionary supported by Eastside Church of Christ in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Jose Rodarte

Tiny membership, during our first Sunday there were about 12-15 in attendance. There are about 4 men who conduct the service. Someday we will actually remember their names.

Thankfully, there is one young woman who speaks English very well and she was helpful with finding the songs. We don’t have our numbers down yet. Jose was gracious to have the 3 points of his sermon on the white board in both Spanish and in English for our benefit.   Kay is pleasantly surprised that she is understanding more than she thought, although not as much as she’d like. And since that first Sunday, he has provided us with his notes in English so we can follow along for the full 1 hour and 20 minute sermon. And, Trevor Rodarte has sat with us. Trevor is 11. Although we don’t communicate well, we manage to get the songs found with his help. He’s a very sweet young man. And he knows more English than he lets on.

Trevor Rodarte

The first Sunday, we can bearing gifts for Trevor, age 11, Cars II hotwheels, Eastside Youth Group T-shirt and sweatshirt. He immediately put on the sweatshirt — and it is AUGUST!!!

Nellie Galiana Rodarte

Nellie is age 3. Mike had bought a little sundress for Nellie with large pink and green tropical flowers on it. Kay knit a sweater and cap to match. Nellie was grinning in spite of being tremendously shy. Then the big gift for Nellie. A pink poodle with a purple and red dress and hat (see the family picture at the bottom). Now she was thrilled to see us. Maybe she won’t be so shy from now on.

Kay gave a Spanish language version of Focus on the Family’ The Truth Project to Jose and explained that this was a very very good teaching tool for those who might be skeptical about the “truth” of Christianity.

The following Sunday, Nellie shook Mike’s hand and he melted. He’s in love for sure. He told Kay later that if she’d sit in his lap or just give him a little kiss on the cheek he’d buy her anything she wanted. I don’t blame him. She’s a real charmer.  After we had unpacked more things, we brought some Veggie Tales movies for Trevor and Nellie and also Focus on the Family’s Froggy World DVDs.

We invited the Rodate’s to come visit our home in San Antonio Tlayacapan the next Wednesday. Mike wanted some input on the tiengue (open air market) and how to select a good papaya and mango and explain to us what some of the vegetables and fruits were that we did not recognize.

After the market we drove to the pier in Ajijic to show them the lake, the malecon and Vino Blanca.

Nellie and Vino Blanca

 After introductions to Vino Blanca we walked on the Malecon to a playground where Nellie and Trevor played for a while.

After about 1/2 hour of play we went back to our house, had some hamburgers and hot dogs, then Trevor, Nellie, Sophia and Kay went for a swim. Mike got in for awhile but spent most of the time talking with Jose. Nellie was very hesitant to get into the pool at first but after about 20 minutes we managed to get her into the little float ring Mike bought for her. We had a great time in the water for about an hour.

Later we said our goodbyes until the following Sunday. And Nellie has been friendlier each consecutive Sunday…and Mike likes that a lot.

Trevor, Pink Poodle, Jose, Sophia & Nellie


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