San Antonio Tlayacapan

Our Little Village of San Antonio Tlayacapan

We try to walk every morning and have several routes to choose from. This post basically will have pictures of our walks through our little village of San Antonio Tlayacapan.

Mike usually walks in the street and I walk whenever possible on the sidewalk. I finally figured out that my small feet don’t work too well on the cobblestones in the streets. Mike’s big clod-hoppers work fine.

First of all, anywhere you are Lakeside you will see flowers … lots and lots of flowers. All colors. All shapes and all sizes. We also notice that most homes are behind a high wall or wrought-iron fence … sometimes very colorful or covered with vines. We see narrow cobblestone streets. Beautiful nice homes and a very crude fisherman’s hut. The malecon on the lake boasts beautiful views and a park and walking trail …  and it was a cloudy day when these pictures were taken in August, 2011.

There is the obligatory church and jardine (central garden square). The school, the bus that runs from Jocotepec to Chapala to Guadalajara and back.

There are all sorts of sights to see. This is where we live.  Just watch …. and enjoy. We do.

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