A Walk Through La Floresta

La Floresta is a neighborhood on the east side of the village of Ajijic. It is right next door to our little puebla of San Antonio Tlayacapan. Our neighborhood of Los Lirios is one long block from the eastern edge of LaFloresta.

Mike and I walk through here regularly on our morning walks. This post will just show you various homes and things we see on our walk. In subsequent posts I’ll discuss various choices of security and the various types of driveways.  Yep, I said it … “Driveways”.

One side of Camino Real

The main road through La Floresta is Camino Real and is an extension of Ramon Corona (our street in San Antonio Tlayacapan) to the east and Constitution in Ajijic to the west.

All of the streets are cobblestone and then they add speed bumps to rattle your teeth even more.

Most of Camino Real is a boulevard, with a large walled center section where one can walk, walk their dogs, or as you will see, post their horses for hire.

Walking path in the median

There are trees growing in the middle of the street, protected by a rock ring. Sidewalks wind their way around trees. Did I mention, it’s illegal to cut down a tree here without special permission from the municipality? In many cases you will find tree roots taking over where a wall lost it’s battle. Makes for interesting views.  If a tree has died and is not in danger of falling on anything, residents just plant a vine at the base and before you know it, you’ve got a lovely vine and flower covered dead tree.  Everything is lush…remember, springtime year around.  Many of these flowering plants have no dormant season.

Also, there is a yacht club and lakeside hotel in La Floresta too. There are $500,000 USD homes and homes for $150,000 USD. Large and small, well-kept and a little run down. Many of these homes are owned by wealthy Mexicans, some who live in Guadalajara and come down to lakeside for the weekends. There are also a couple of nursing and assisted living homes. One has a basset hound named Whiskey.

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Hope you enjoyed your walk through La Floresta with us. We certainly enjoy it. Almost every day.


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